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Can't change admin password - getting 404 page

Installation went successfully, or so I thought.

When I try to login as admin to change the initial password and do the rest of the post-install cleanup, I get a Certificate Warning, and then I get bounced to the dreaded 404 page.

The strange part is that the signup feature works. I signed up as a new user, and got an email stating that the admin (me) had to approve it.

I have tried this on Firefox and IE. with no success.

When I ran it on Chrome, the security warning said that the server could not prove that it is The security certificate says * The URL in question is

I am fairly geeky, so ask away about the configs.

Never mind: I figured it out once I typed this up. The initial install *ASSUMED* https. When I edited the _CONFIG file to say http, it worked

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