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Cases tab keeps loading...


I successfully installed the application using XAMPP in a windows 10 environment. However, after i press the cases TAB, i only see "Loading..." on the screen and nothing comes up. The rest of the TABS work fine- i am able to add/change things without any issues. This is very perplexing. I know that there is no official support for Windows but in case anyone here has any ideas, i would appreciate it.

George DR


  • This could be a database issue. Open up developer tools in your browser and post any errors you are getting in the console. This should give us a clue.
  • I know it's been a long time since this was posted, but did you figure it out? I'm having the same problem now.
  • I encountered this before in 2015. In my installation, there was data in the table that was not being read properly, resulting in a null error. What i did was to figure out what item or part of the tables is causing the error using firebug.

    Strangely, when i tried the installation using Centos, there was no issue with the character which i found would not work with XAMP and Ubuntu. I just stuck with Centos instead and it has been working ever since. If it is possible, instead of using XAMP, I suggest you use Centos instead. It seems to work out of the box with Centos (and maybe other Linux distros).


    Here was what i did in 2015:


    I figured a solution to this and i hope it stays that way. i ended up with the original solution -- there is data which prevents the software from reading the tables properly.

    I don't know why but it appears that the software does not accept the character "ñ". If this is found in the first_name, the cases tab hangs. I'm not sure if anyone else has a similar observation.

    Also, i deleted a host of ASCII characters that seem to have been created when i copied and pasted names from MS Word. it may be best to cut and paste case lists from a TXT file or from notepad.

    it may have been the case that because of the "ñ" and other ASCII characters, aaData no longer corresponds to what is expected by the database. But with the deletion of these characters, cases tab no longer hangs.

    anyway all is working now.
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