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User creation privileges

Hi all!

So I'm adapting ClinicCases and I'm unable to do two things:

-First: one of my user groups ('students') is allowed to see the user list, but not to add users. For this I changed the tabs that that user group can see, and then disabled the 'add_', 'delete_', 'edit_', and 'activate_' rows in cm_groups. The thing is that 'students' can now see other users witch is great, but can also add/delete/modify them witch is terrible. What am I missing here? They should not be able to modify o create users.

-Second, a similar issue: the group 'professors' can see and add/remove users, but I only want them to create student users, not other professor users. Where can I modify this? Right now they can create other professors and even admin users.



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