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Backup & Restore

Guys, really great piece of software. However, before I start using it, I wanted to know how to take backups and restore the same. These are the steps I did, but dont seem to be working;

1) Installed, Configured and Entered some data
2) Took a backup of my DB (mysql dump)
3) Did a fresh installation, followed the initial configurations like creating the "cc_docs" etc. and then restored my DB backup but couldnt log into the system with either admin/admin or my previously configured user dilshan/test123

Could someone please assist me with backups / restore?


  • Seems like the Developer / Community are not as active as I thought. I figured out a way, (might not be the best) but it seems to work. I'm posting it here in case someone else finds it useful.

    I would recommend installing PHPMyAdmin, as it makes this task a lot easier.


    1) Log into PHPMYADMIN

    2) Navigate to the DB

    3) Select the Export Tab

    4) Click "GO" and Save the .sql file


    1) Make sure your use the original ZIP file from GITHUB as per the LIVE Installation - to avoid any version mis-matches when restoring (if applicable).

    2) Follow the instructions to install, configure & refer the "Issue - Cannot Create New Case" that I posted where you need to disable MySQL Safe Mode.

    3) After installation, login into the system with the default credentials (admin/admin) and you will be forced to change the password. Change the password to something convenient, I'm going to use "abc123" (without quotes) for testing. After doing so, logout of the system.

    4) Log into PHPMYADMIN, navigate to the system database and look for the "cm_users" table. Note down the password hash of the "admin" user.

    5) Create a new DB and DB User.

    6) Import the SQL backup into the newly created DB.

    7) Look for the "cm_users" table and navigate to it.

    8) Select the "admin" user and edit the record. In the "Password" field, paste the hash that you recorded earlier (overwriting the one that already exists in this field).

    9) We now need to reconfigure the application to point to this newly created and restored DB, leaving the initial one as it is, so follow the instructions in the next point.

    10) WINSCP into the server and edit the file "_CONFIG.php" file in the root. Change the CC_DBUSERNAME and CC_DATABASE_NAME fields to reflect the newly created DB above. Save the file.

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