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ClinicCases is web-based case management software designed specifically for law school clinics. Free and open source, you can install it on your own server or use our secure hosting service.

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Complete online case management, you're in control.

Unlike other case management solutions (Clio), ClinicCases allows you to have total control of your data. Run it on your own server and the software and your client information is yours.

ClinicCases is created by a clinical professor and is used in clinics around the world. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of a teaching environment with a tech-savvy student body.

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Designed by a clinician, for clinicians

Free and Open Source

No expensive licenses or monthly fees. Just download and run on your server. You control your data and the software. ClinicCases is offered free to all users under the MIT License.

Customizable for You

Designed with law school clinics in mind, but can easily be used by small law firms and non-profits. ClinicCases is great for lawyers with new practices who need to get up and running quickly!

Has the Features You Need

ClinicCases has all the features you expect from a case management system: case queries, time management, data export (to pdf, csv, and text), calendaring, time reports, and more!

Mobile Friendly

Works great on small screens so you can take your cases along with you. Your client data and documents will always be with you in court, at home, or wherever you go!

Campus IT Department Not Being Helpful?

Don't worry. If your campus IT won't help, we will host ClinicCases for you on our secure server for $99 per month. There are no limits on the number of users you have or the amount of data you transfer.

With your ClinicCases account, you get free setup and configuration of your ClinicCases. Your data is securely backed up daily and you can access it whenever you want with a provided username and password. You own your data and can quit at any time. ClinicCases data is stored in mysql format which is easily exportable to all other database systems.

Special discounts apply for lawyers practicing five years or less and for newly established non-profit organizations.

How to get started? Just drop us a line. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and to get you set up!

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The source code and download packages for ClinicCases is available on Github.
Still want more information? Read our FAQ, try the live demo, or ask questions in the forums.

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What People Are Saying

ClinicCases really helps me keep track of my students and cases. It's a pleasure to use.

Cheryl Buchert Clinical Professor, Loyola College of Law, New Orleans

ClinicCases is really bright and friendly and easy to manage.

Zoraya Ledesma Clinic Administrator at FIU College of Law, Miami

It is a beautifully elegant and simple system. You could teach the commercial case management companies a thing or two about user-friendliness and elegant design.