Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for ClinicCases?

ClinicCases requires PHP 5.2 or above compiled with the GD libraries and a Linux server running Apache and Mysql. We've heard reports of users getting it up and running on a Windows server, but we don't offer support for that environment.

Is ClinicCases secure?

Every effort is made to make the source code of ClinicCases as secure as possible. Passwords are hashed using the pbkdf2 hashing algorithm and database queries are handled using PHP's PDO extension. If you run ClinicCases on your own server, we cannot of course guarantee the security of that server. Please consult with your IT administrator. It is strongly recommended that you run ClinicCases on a secure (SSL, TSL) server.

Who is behind all of this?

ClinicCases is written by Judson Mitchell, a Clinical Professor at Loyola College of Law, New Orleans. He teaches clinics in Criminal Defense and Technology and Legal Innovation and has a passion for building web-based technologies. You can reach him at

How do I know ClinicCases will be supported in the future?

Judson Mitchell has committed to keeping ClinicCases open-source and freely licensed in the future. The source code is and will always be publicly available. Updates to ClinicCases are regularly made (and have been since 2007) and offered to all users at no cost.

This is one of the distinct advantages of using open source software. If you manage your cases with a company that doesn't give you access to its source code, you are locked in. If that company goes bankrupt or is taken over, you are out of luck. With open source, you are free to modify the code or even start a new project based on it, whenever you want. Read more about the advantages of open source software.

Can ClinicCases be customized?

Yes, you can add your own case fields and user groups. So, for example, if you need to track the grant source for each case, you can easily add a drop down menu with a list of all your grantors. If you have a group of volunteers coming in and want them to use ClinicCases, but don't want them to have complete access to your data, you can create a group called "Volunteers" and fine-tune the types of data they have access to. There are a lot of possibilities.

We currently use TimeMatters (or some other case management system). Can our data be imported into ClinicCases?

Yes, your data can be imported. There is a one-time fee for this import, the amount of which depends on the particular case management system you are using and the amount of data involved. Contact us for more information.